Welcome to 2175: A Dark Tomorrow

Jul 31

Earth has become a dystopian nightmare, ruled by corrupt corporations and self-serving
politicians, where the wealthy elite live in sealed cities to protect themselves from the
ravages of the outside world.

In the outer cities and wastelands gangs rule the streets with an iron fist, while worse terrors lurk in the dark corners of the earth. Industrial espionage has reached unprecedented levels, where small teams of elite warriors infiltrate rival companies to steal or spread mayhem, fighting in the real and virtual world. These invisible wars rage unopposed from the streets of Earth to the mountains of Mars in a deadly game of winner takes all.

A new phase in the evolution of mankind has begun. Though shunned by many and branded mutants, their numbers are growing.

The embattled forces of order are desperately trying to achieve peace and stability throughout the system, while fighting the corruption from within.

Something has been discovered on Mars, as humanity teeters on the brink of interstellar civil war.

But Man has not abandoned his pioneering spirit and thirst for knowledge; huge colony ships have spread throughout the stars searching for new worlds and intelligent life.

Not knowing it has already found us…