Which games would you play this Christmas?

Sep 24

With the holiday spirit this Christmas, you are going to love playing wonderful family games this year. There are amazing games lined up for all the kids and adults who want to feel the spirit of holiday and enjoy their family moments. Let us have a look at the games that can be played:

Game-Debates Birthday

This game features birthday celebrations. A social game for PC’s, Xbox 360 and one, PlayStation 4 with online connectivity. You and your family members can dress up as birthday boys and girls and make your characters in the game wear birthday clothes. This is a fun family game to play this Christmas as it brings the family together into a birthday bash. There is nothing better than a birthday cake with candles and party poppers while it’s Christmas?

Beyond Earth


Because you might feel you’re stuck at home due to the snow; you need to have an adventurous game this year in your house. Beyond Earth is a video game that can be played by people of all ages. This game takes you to another dimension which is beyond the earth. And you get to experience outer space without gravity and feel everything in 3D experience. You are going to become an astronaut who wants to settle at another planet. However, you will have to tolerate the aliens living on other planets!


This is a video game that any young boy would enjoy playing with his elder brother or father. Because all the family members are going to stay home, might as well enjoy with some martial arts. A typical fighting game with better fighting moves and techniques is what the Swordsman offers. The story of the game involves the protection of martial arts secrets from enemy clines and leading a life full of vengeance. This is a typical boy-game that is an essential this Christmas.

These games are going to make your holidays a little more exciting than just spending time home and getting bored after the first day. Cannot go home? Don’t worry; the galaxy can come to you with your amazing 3D video games this year.

New Hottest Video Games for 2014

Feb 06

Video games are the most engaging form of entertainment that people spend hours playing. Also it is extremely popular not only among kids but also among people of all age groups. In this generation of gaming, video games have always remained to be the favorite. The action packed games have rocked the youth generations. Young people find themselves charged up as they indulge in fantastic and thrilling gaming hours. The craziness of the young people for the games has resulted in the release of new games in the markets. The action packed sequences are good means of entertainment for them. They can spend hours playing these games.


Madness for games is something that deserves special mention. The game freaks wait eagerly for the release of new games every year. Sometimes certain games become so popular that they are being released in consecutive series. The manufacturers of the games viewing the popularity of the particular series keep on releasing newer versions every year. Certain new games are also being launched on the basis of the popularity of a particular genre of games. Like most people prefer action games. The motion, excitement and the thrill of the games are simply awesome. The gamers need to stay updated about the latest gaming sensations.

The core gaming individuals are always well informed about the arrivals of latest video games in the markets. Likewise they wait eagerly for the release date of these games. Check out the latest gaming sensations that are soon going to rock the markets of video games in the upcoming year that is in 2014:

•Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: This version of the latest release comes with more realistic configurations in the backdrop of the plains of new hottest video games for 2014. Gamers will be able to relate themselves with the weather as well as the day and night changes to conceal themselves from the enemies.

•Final Fantasy XV: This game is also based on the Xbox and PS4 gaming platforms. This time this game is going to be highly packed with greater action doses. It includes sequences of sword fights and also gun play actions. It is a fantasy based version of the modern times.

•Destiny: It is the original IP version from Bungie since Halo is being released back in 2001. This version is more likely to be multiplayer special online games. Players are supposed to face the enemies with some innovative weapons.

•Titanfall: This game is based in the background of a sci-fi universe where the players will be portraying the characters of soldiers. It is also a multiplayer based gaming variants.
These are the few descriptions of some popular games that are soon going to be released in the markets. You may be also familiar with some other games as well like Project Spark, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew and lots more.

Game lovers check the names of the games and select the one you are familiar with. Excitement will have no ends as you get ready for these gaming options.